Saturday, 4 February 2017

All about interfacing

Deciding what interfacing to use is probably the most common question I get asked, there are so many products out there, not to mention different names for the same product, that choosing the right interfacing can be a real mine field

Here is a translation of UK products Vs US products, they may not be by the same manufacturer but they pretty much do the same thing:

UK Version                                          US Version
Vilene H250/305                                   Pellon 808 Craft-Fuse
Vilene S520                                          Pellon Peltex 71F
Vilene G700                                          Pellon Shape-Flex 101 

I've learned about interfacing on the job so to speak, trial and error and I've gotten to know which ones I prefer for my bags.  For instance, I always use a woven interfacing for my linings (Shape Flex 101, Vilene G700 or generic version)

I like foam, it gives my bags structure, for the most part I make bags which are supposed to stand up on their own rather than by floppy, like a hobo bag for instance, so foam is perfect.  I always put a layer of fusible woven interfacing on the exterior pieces of my bag before adding the foam (either fusible or sew in) because I find it prevents the bag from having that wrinkly look

I use a steam press to apply my fusible interfacing, I bought mine second hand on ebay, I wouldn't be without it, it's speeded up the process of adding interfacing so much.  The only think I apply with an iron is foam interfacing, I find a steam press is too hot and flattens it too much

For bag bases which prevent the bottom of your bag from sagging, you can either use ultra stiff plastic canvas cut to size or you can cut a piece of Vilene S520 (Pellon Peltex 71F) and two pieces of Vilene H250/305 (Pellon 808 Craft Fuse) and fuse them together  to make a sandwich with the S520 in the middle. This combination produces a really sturdy bottom for your bag

For further information on interfacing you might like to read this blog post by Anna from Charmed Leibling where she reviews several interfacings available on the market today

Bobbin Girl sells a wide range of interfacing which can be found here

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